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Let us help with the technical part while you focus on making the best deal.

Acquiring a company or planning a divestment is a complex matter. You might be waiting for the due diligence report or, perhaps, the deal is secured already. Either way, sooner or later you must start thinking about how to consolidate (or separate) the IT environments, how to collaborate securely and achieve desired branding externally. When you are ready to make public announcement, you also expect your mail communication to use the right company name and not wait for months for this to happen.

At Nuwey we take care of these technical challenges. Our experience with M&As made us create a methodology for migrations and consolidations which allows us to plan for a potential lengthy transformation while meeting short-term goals in a matter of days. We introduce three distinct phases: plancoexist and migrate. We cover many scenarios like:

  • Active Directory migration and consolidation

  • On-premises mail migration to Office 365

  • Office 365 to Office 365 migration with or without keeping the same domain name

  • Other platform migrations such as Google, Lotus Notes, Slack, Box, Dropbox, etc. to Office 365

Our consultants are certified to work with well-known products like:

  • Quest Migration Manager & On Demand Migration

  • Binary Tree Migrator

  • BitTitan MigrationWiz

  • AvePoint Migration Platform

  • Microsoft Identity Manager

M&A information flow architecture
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