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Managed SOC with AI-powered engine.

It is not enough to know what happened and how it happened. To protect the business, SOC teams must act fast enough to contain the damage.


Nuwey Managed SOC consists of security analysts working with modern SIEM & SOAR product. The AI and machine learning capabilities allow us to:

  • Assess threats quickly.

  • Recognise alerts without the need of human intervention.

  • Have automated incident response.

Our SOC service has the following additional benefits:

  • No upfront investment in infrastructure. We use the cloud-based SIEM & SOAR product Microsoft Sentinel.

  • Short time to become operational due to our packaged service rollout for well-known data sources.

  • Automated MITRE ATT&CK classification of threats which can also be used as a secure score feedback.

  • Greatly reduced false positives due to the AI capabilities.

  • Fully customisable SOC service to meet your specific needs.

You need managed detection and response?

Check out Nuwey's MDR service which offers threat hunting and expands further the Managed SOC offering.



Upgrade from SOC to MDR for a complete security defence against threat actors.

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