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Ultimate protection against today's threats.

Are you struggling with staffing your security teams? Are you suffering from an alert fatigue? Are you able to keep up with the security of your proliferated infrastructure and variety of endpoints?

Nuwey's MDR offering helps addressing these challenges. We provide automated and human-driven threat hunting, monitoring and response to incidents. Our focus is on identifying and reducing the impact of threats. We use Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel for seamless 24/7 protection of cloud and on-premises endpoints. Relevant threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and forensic data is forwarded to our security analysts for triage and response.

When enabled the service offers the following industry proven MDR capabilities:

01. Triage

With the help of AI our analysts are able to separate true threats from benign events and false positives. The output is filtered and enriched result for further processing, i.e. incidents are classified and prioritised.

03. Incident Response

All necessary steps required to remove active threats by collecting and documenting evidence, extending investigation to find more potential impacted assets and taking prevention actions.

02. Threat Hunting

Advanced analytics, machine learning investigations and investigations based on known indicators of compromise or indicators of attack are some of the threat hunting techniques offered in our MDR service.

01. Remediation & Recovery

Restore systems to their pre-attack state, evict threat actors, and remove persistence mechanisms. As a final step the team applies measures to prevent further similar compromise.

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