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Cloud infrastructure deployed and operated the smart way.

Nuwey provides a variety of comprehensive solutions for IT infrastructure. We deliver quality services in the most efficient way, and our experts will work collaboratively with you to customise our offering to your particular needs.

Consistent, predictable, secure and cost efficient operations is the key for a successful cloud adoption no matter if you are at the beginning of the cloud journey or already there.

Cloud governance is the set of principles which allow us to enhance data security, manage risk, and enable the smooth operation of cloud systems. At Nuwey, we help companies
apply these principles in Azure by following Microsoft's five disciplines of cloud governance:


  • Cost Management: Developing policies for cost control.

  • Security Baseline: Unique to each company and once requirements are established, cloud governance policies and enforcement apply those requirements across network, data, and asset configurations.

  • Identity Baseline: Focuses on ensuring that identity is consistently applied across cloud adoption efforts to decrease the risk of breach.

  • Resource Consistency: Use of governance tools that allow resources to be configured consistently and to manage risks related to onboarding, drift, discoverability, and recovery.

  • Deployment Acceleration: Centralisation, standardisation, and consistency in approaches to deployment and configuration that can accelerate deployment activities.

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